Tokyo Autosalon 2015 - sexy cars and fast women.

I went to Tokyo Autosalon as press this year to take photos, which are going to be published (I'll post them when they are up), but nobody wanted to pay proper money for the vid (nobody seems to want to pay proper money for any content these days it seems). SO I put it on my own YouTube channel. Enjoy.


REVIEW: Sony AX100 4K Handycam (AkihabaraNews.com)

We had the need for an extra camera to shoot the IE/KMD Venture Day 2014 event last December, so we asked Sony if they would be able to throw us a bone. We got their FDR-AX100 Handycam. While nearing a year on the market, it was still the only thing that could do what it did, with the possible exception of Panasonic’s recently released DMC-LX100.
Since then however, Sony has announced the AX100’s replacement, the FDR-AX33, which, on paper at least, has addressed all the AX100’s flaws and added or improved on a number of key features. Provided that it’s as good a video shooter as its predecessor, I can say, quite simply, that If you want a 4K camcorder, Don’t buy the AX100, get the new and improved AX33.
And that would be that, except that I did spend near on 2 weeks with the AX100, shot a bunch of stuff and had planned to say a few things about it, before the AX33 pulled the rug from under my feet… So here is the gist of it:

Read the full(ish) review on AkihabaraNews.com

I also put together a vid for it (those of you who dont care abut tech and just wanna see japan can watch it below)

Where blended wool comes from Shots #140


My photo published in the Japan Times - A pretty good article by Baye McNeil.

Publisher, Japan Times Columnist and all together cool guy, Baye McNeil wrote a piece on the African American Youth Travel Programme. They were the NGO that organised the Silent March for Mike brown. Anyway, they used one of my shots for the article. Epic Win. The fact that I'm actually getting paid an appropriate amount of money for the shot, is even better. 

I dont want to diverge from the topic at hand, but I'm really happy that at least one media outlet in Japan doesn't expect people to work for 'exposure' / pay less than McDonald's staff get. 

Anyway. Click the screenshot or HERE to read the piece.

Click here to see the other shots I took at the march or watch the video below. Actually read the comments too, they are gold!


Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 - A Preview.

I hit up the Tokyo Auto Salon once again this year, and as always it gets better each year. This year I rekindled some old contacts and made some new ones. There is a lot of sifting, retouching and admin, as well as a whole bunch of video editing needed to get all the content ready and out to where it's going to be published, but for now, here is a small taste of what is coming.

Thanks to to the intro of a mate of mine, I also got to to meet and greet the LB Perfomance crew. I also met the man behind all their illustration and graphic design. Who is, like Just about everyone in the automotive world it seems, a really cool guy. I now need to capitalize on some of those contacts and dig myself deeper into the industry. If I'm going to be doing media job, I'd prefer to do them for rev-heads and yankii businesses than the impersonal corporates power-suit suit ones.



The Ghost of Harlem... Indeed. - Shots#139

Any Harlemese peeps willing to comment on the authenticity of this?


Beatboxer RyoTracks, Ikebukuro, Nabe and more... | 7 Days, 7 Minutes (2014-12-08)

00:00 MONDAY Food Library
01:00 notTUESDAY Tokyo Taxi
02:00 WEDNESDAY Ikebukuro Street
03:00 notTHURSDAY RyoTracks
04:37 FRIDAY Oh Japan!
05:00 notSaturday Riding around Yokohama
06:00 SUNDAY Tis the season to eat nabe


CP+ 2014 Booth Babes

Just axing Lightroom collections from last year so make this year's photo work a bit easier. Found some stuff that I haven't put up yet so here it is. You can see the full album HERE.

CP+ 2014 Extras

CP+ 2014 Extras

CP+ 2014 Extras

CP+ 2014 Extras