A long walk from Shibuya to Oimachi | JAPAN, How It Is.

Shot in Spring, Edited and released in Autumn. That super fast turnaround time is why The Germanator is joining the fray. On the bright side, this is long enough that you can digest through it for the next 6 months it takes me to work through some of my other backlogged videos ;)

The title is self explanatory, I took a walk through Tokyo and you get to join me on it.

World How It Is Official channel
My Co-Producer, The Germanator

*1 04:33 If you get this reference, tell me if you can spot the others I make from the same source.

*2 08:03 Review of Suzuran in Ebisu.

*3 15:08 No. It's the Yamanote line, but the cut was so obvious that I thought I'd make a joke that only English Teachers in Japan would truly appreciate.

*4 17:19 https://youtu.be/BRDBvKGc1fE

*5 21:26 Sam and Joe 

*6 24:27 Orion Beer. Google it!

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Dude #TokyoStreets



Yasukuni Shrine, Zao Onsen and a German #7Days7Minutes 2015-09-14

6 places I've never shown you before, and a German saying "cheers".

1: Iawkwardlobster - Emergence (Liquidata royalty free pack)
2: texture III http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/music_texture3.html


tourists, rain and desserts #7Days7Minutes (2015-09-07)

All iPhone footage this week. I didn't want to take my cameras out in the rain unless it was for work.

"Incoming Hail: Yamaflow Objective" by the Uchujins.
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"Fe Agite" by The Living

"Stinger" by Silent Partner (Youtube Creator's Library)


Shibuya, split-screens and Streaming #7Days7Minutes (2015-08-31)

Finally back on schedule (I wonder how long I can keep it up?)

Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/

Music: Both tracks by my good friend Manny Marx.
"La La La"
"No Idea"



When you don't pay attention in English class, a simple signage fail can become hatespeech.

"F*** OFF" (sorry, i have to censor myself because google are b****es when it comes to adsense) is the brand name of the company that makes these (probably knockoff) band shirts.They have two shelves, one for local bands and one for foreign bands, but because the person who wrote this sign, like too many people in Japan, slacked off in English class. They know enough to put words down, but not enough to realise that there is more to meaning than simply using the words as they are directly translated.

The result, predictably, is somewhat amusing.
Even more so when the sign is seen by thousands of international tourists on one of the most famous tourist streets on the planet!


Summer Backlog, Kyoto & Tokyo #7Days7Minutes

Cuts from Japan's current capital and the former one.
Getting through the August Backlog.

"The Mud People" by THE LIVING - http://mothdelacruz.bandcamp.com

"Doctor Dub" by iawkwardlobster - liquidata royalty free music pack.

"Famipop" http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/music_famipop.html


Kyoto Station #RandomJapan

A little more random Kyoto.
Music: MannyMarx - Broken-winged Pidgeon


Kyoto - Gion Matsuri #RandomJapan

I was in Kyoto after a shoot so I took some time to walk around... As it turns out, It was in the middle of Gion Matsuri, so I got some quick shots.