Sony α7 Ⅱ (Alpha 7 2) Part Two: The Beautiful Lovechild of Sony's α7 and Olympus' OMD-EM1 (AkihabaraNews.com)

My take on Sony's latest mirrorless interchangeable lens camera announcement.

The Sony α7 Ⅱ (Alpha 7 Mark 2) has been announced (official vid embedded below), and it’s generating a buzz like no Sony interchangeable lense camera, possibly any Sony stills camera, ever has.
In part, this is due how well they managed to keep it under the radar. With the new stacked sensor announcement and the rumor mill’s fixation on the supposed ‘Pro’ full-frame E-mount that apparently is coming early next year, we were effectively blindsided by the α7 Ⅱ. 
The other big thing, for me at least, is the significance of this camera’s spec list with regards to the inevitable release of the α7R Ⅱ and the α7S Ⅱ sometime over the course of next year, because, as with the original α7, it is the base upon which the next camera I’m likely to buy will be built.
But back to the α7 Ⅱ…

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Kyoto, Autumn, Slipknot & more... | 7 Days, 7 Minutes (2014-11-10)

MUSIC: 者の形 by MannyMarx
00:00 MONDAY Autumn Colours
01:00 TUESDAY Kiyomizu-dera
02:00 WEDNESDAY Gion
03:00 THURSDAY Shinjuku shakey cam
04:00 FRIDAY Shibuya shakey cam
05:00 notSATURDAY Knotfest
06:00 SUNDAY Jump The Fuck Up!



Shinjuku Station East Exit

Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Makuhari Messe


Japan, How It Is - Halloween in Shibuya (Videos)

I was in Shibuya on Halloween Night on my way back from a shoot in Tochigi and I happened to have all my kit with me at the craziest street gathering of the year... SO I shot it.

Part 1 (above) is the quick version to The Living's epic music and part 2 (below is a thirty minute taste of what it's actually like to be in the thick of the beautiful madness that is Tokyo's largest halloween street gathering (impromptu party).

It was a blast. Were my father not visiting at the time I'd have also dressed up and joined the fray... but thats what next year is for I suppose.



1000 Subscribers, ¥1000

A little competition (for lack of a better word) to say thank you all for subscribing to my channel.


Japan How It Is - Kurokabe Shopping District - Nagahama, Shiga

I took a stroll through Nagahama's Kurokabe Shopping District. One of the oldest Shopping districts in Japan.

Sturgeon general's warning: I shot this handheld so if you're prone to motion sickness, don't fullscreen this vid.

Music by Manny Marx


7 Days 7 Minutes (2014-10-13) Shinjuku, Akihabara, My Hood and more...

00:00 MONDAY 大phoon
01:00 TUESDAY Miyamaedaira
02:00 notWEDNESDAY Shinjuku Station South East Exit
03:00 THURSDAY Akihabara Stroll
04:00 FRIDAY
05:00 SATURDAY Typically Omotesando
06:00 SUNDAY Aladdin 9 - Shinjuku Street Performance