DOG! #TokyoStreets

Because Tokyo is filled with tiny, weak, yapping lapdogs, a good, solid DOG is a always a welcome sight.


The leaning sweets shop of Nagasaki

Iwanaga Baijuken in Nagasaki is a shop that makes and sells traditional Japanese sweets and confectionaries. It's been at it since 1830.

The store as it stands now was built in 1902.

The sweets lineup runs the gamut from classical recipes to modern reworkings of those recipes.

But beyond the traditional deliciousness. What struck me, were two 5 yen coins suspended from strings on one of the shop's central supports. 

The pull of gravity means the strings are perfectly veritcal, But the posts aren't.

The shop has had this slight lean since August 9th, 1945.


FLIGHT #RandomJapan

I had to fly from Tokyo to Nagasaki for work. I had a bunch of footage that I didn't want to just throw away, so I stuck it together with Manny Marx' epic tune, "Broken Winged Pigeon" and made this random Japan phonesnap.

music: http://mannymarx.bandcamp.com


Classic Cruiser - Mercedes-Benz 350SL #JapaneseRides

Mercedes-Benz' are fast. put your foot down and they haul you forward at great haste. Turn the steering and they continue forward at great haste. But despite their massive size, weight, obnoxious presence and generally bad handling compared to their peers, even they make the occasionally desirable vehicle. My favourite is the 350SL, and this example with a sorted suspension and big wheels was the perfect example of the timeless shape, stance and beauty of the only Benz I'd ever choose to own. A classic coupe for cruising in comfort.


3 (bigger) First was earthquakes in one week (so far). #BecauseJapan

First was the M5.5 in the video above:

picture: tenki.jp (click through the pic to see the report on their website)

Then came the 4.8 early this morning:

picture: tenki.jp (click through the pic to see the report on their website)

And now this massive M8.5 that struck 590km deep, south of Japan:
picture: tenki.jp (click through the pic to see the report on their website)

Add to that a bunch of new volcanic eruptions, including volcanic activity at Mt. Hakone which has been dormant for 700 years and a pattern of quakes and eruptions all around the pacific this past week and it's pretty clear that the ring of fire is burning bit hotter than usual right now. I hope things continue at this pace and all the pressure continues to release itself regularly and with minimal force than all in one go, like back in 2011.